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REVEL YOURSELF at Strata Club House

Piecing together the accent of a perfect getaway is this additional facility. The haven of an idyllic lifestyle, Strata Club House, promises an opportunity to access additional leisure, by delivering an ace for every game. Developed with the chorus of cheers from stands, this facility may be constructed around nature, yet is connected to everything.

bbtenniscourt (1)

Basketball/Tennis Court

Go from Jordan to Nadal within seconds by shooting the hoop of euphoria and returning the ball of hassle.


Swimming Pool

Disengage with stress by paddling away in the therapeutic benefits of this water-enabled exercise.

squash (1)

Squash Court

Sharpen your energy levels with sessions of this high calorie burning sport for a non-sedentary living.


Table Tennis/Pool

Set the net to team up in batting away your burdens, while pocketing the cues to your happiness.

landscape gardenJPG

Landscape Garden

The blossoms of dewy fresh greens here, await to host your upcoming ceremonious days.


Children Playarea

Let their innocence swing carefree as they merry-go-round their years, sliding with smiles.