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REPOSE YOURSELF at Terra Club House

Constructed in the sprawling acreage of around 10,000 square yards, our best kept secret is now ready to transform you. With 8 residential rooms & 1 dormitory immersing you in their superior comfort, the grandeur of its amenities, nestled amidst well-manicured greenery, is as close as it gets to a dream vacation.

Pelican Cafe & Restaurant

Gorge on the sumptuous meals and lovely spreads, that leave a stomach, content.

Swimming Pool

Chart the lengths and breadths of the water by splashing around or simply doing a lap.

Mini Theatre

Binge on popcorns and sip on colas while watching your favourite stars do the drama.

Indoor Games

Evade your boredom by getting your energy levels higher and your heartbeats racing.

Fitness Centre

Endure the burn of those calories and embrace the shape you have always desired.

Badminton Court

Shuttle between your opponents as you net a laughter filled day and score merriment.

Stay & Accommodation

Reap the rewards brought by the goodness warm local vibes by choosing to travel to paradise with us, again. Opening our doors for an adventurous urban population such as you, we offer an essence of luxury amidst a picturesque view, enough to re-invigorate your mind and soul.